Thursday, May 15, 2014

Week 9 ~ April 21, 2014

This week of all the weeks I've been out in the field was on the rough side. I'm so grateful for weeks like these because last week seemed like everything was going so well and then this week was a sure challenge. Challenges help us to learn, grow, and figure out what needs to changed or altered, completely reliant on the Spirit.

This past week, we had many appointments each day, our days were filled and we only needed to plan for the times of day that needed to be filled. Literally every appointment fell through and it seemed like no one was interested. It was really weird as well, it seemed like everywhere we went, it was empty. All we could do was keep working, pressing forward, and not giving up. I cannot begin to describe the miracles that we had throughout this week. We were able to visit with members that we have been trying to see for the past nine weeks. We decided that Saturday would be a day full of walking, and it was raining and pouring as we walked, but as we were about to turn on Jackie and Walt's street, we saw that their car wasn't home. We walked a pretty long way and just as we were about to turn back, there was Jackie and Walt in their car about to turn onto their street! Yay! It was great to be able to visit with them and see them at church yesterday!

This Saturday morning, we were able to serve at an Easter event that the library was hosting. It was a pancake breakfast/Easter egg hunt in the library. It was so crowded. We were running around mixing pancake batter, taking pictures, cleaning up, giving directions to everyone. I just all around loved doing this! Service is my favorite thing. I love to help people. This event gave us ideas of how we can work with the community more and create service opportunities of our own that will help unite the community better. 

If you all get the chance, please watch the new Easter video that the church came out with called, "Because of Him". It is downloaded on my iPad and it is watched on repeat. It is three glorious minutes of golden insight on Jesus Christ's Atonement. Because of Him, all things are possible, there is such a thing as new beginnings, and because He lives again, we will live again. I know that to be true, I feel my Savior's love every day. His grace and mercy is infinite, His love divine, and His teachings have shaped me into who I am. I do not know what I would do without Him. This video has been my favorite thing to share with others this Easter season. I challenge you to watch it and share it on your facebook with others! You can find this video on

The Book of Mormon challenge has been my absolute favorite. I have found so many "AHA" moments within my reading and it has been so interesting to "liken all scriptures unto [me], that it might be for [my] profit and learning" 1 Nephi 19:23...especially as a missionary. It is a whole new perspective to liken the scriptures to myself as a full time missionary as to not. As I have been reading in Mosiah and into Alma, a reoccurring theme for me that completely stands out to me is that the Lord works mighty miracles as we put our faith and trust in Him. That theme stands out to me in almost every chapter I read. That is only one of the many "AHA" moments I have had. There is power that comes from reading the Book of Mormon. I was asked by my district leader to give a training to nine other missionaries in my district tomorrow all about finding "AHA" moments and likening the scriptures so I am really looking forward to that! 

On a final note...something scary that happened was that we almost hit a deer. It popped out of nowhere when we were driving back home, it was so close. I always thought of deer only being in a mountain where it was a rare sight to see one but hey I guess that here they are everywhere. It was a miracle that we were already driving slowly and then was able to stop at a sufficient amount of time as to not hit the dear. That would have been so sad.

Many great and marvelous things are happening. The Lord is hastening His work!
I love all of you with all my heart and continue to pray for you.

Love always,
Sister McCook

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