Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Week 6 ~ April 1, 2014


This week is transfer week! Every six weeks, every missionary in the Florida Jacksonville Mission has the possibility of being transferred out of their area and into a new area. I am staying in the Fleming Island 2nd ward with Sister Call for another six weeks and I'm so thankful because I just love the ward that I'm serving in and I'm still continuing to learn so much. That is why I'm writing on Tuesday instead of Monday. Wow it's already been six weeks. I never would have imagined that six weeks would fly by so quickly. One of the greatest miracles that I witnessed this week was that Sister Call and I received a "media referral". I didn't even know media referrals even existed until this point! We received a text message from an unknown number giving us the information to go see a girl whose name is Allyson. We met her and she told us that she had been waiting for missionaries to come knock on her door for months. That made my heart sing. This week was the week of receiving referrals. We haven't had many teaching opportunities but I have been grateful to be able to work with the members and develop friendships and assist in helping them to do missionary work with their friends.Something that I'm really looking forward to is that President and Sister Craig, who are the Florida Jacksonville mission presidents, announced a challenge to every missionary in the mission to do. They invited us to read The Book of Mormon cover to cover in 90 days. So from April 1-June 29. I'm so excited to do this because I LOVE the Book of Mormon so much. It's about six pages a day and I after receiving this challenge I really thought of how many times I can thoroughly read through The Book of Mormon on my mission. I made a goal to read it through 6 times before I return home. I'm looking forward to really knowing the Book of Mormon front to back, understanding the fullness of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ, the stories, people, applications to my life, the spirit of conversion, and so much more I could go on forever. I am starting where I left off from yesterday which is 2 Nephi 24. So I'm reading 2 Nephi 24---2Nephi 24 in 90 days. I am thrilled! I challenge each and every one of you to also join in the challenge with me! Start today from the very beginning or wherever you are and read from cover to cover in 90 days! Before you read, think of a question that you want to find the answer to. It can be a question pertaining to anything! Pray for understanding through the spirit, read the Book of Mormon, mark phrases or words that stand out to you, write down impressions and thoughts in a study journal, and pray to know the truth. I promise
as you do this that you will find answers to your questions, your testimonies of the Book of Mormon will be strengthened, and that you will come to know of the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for you. I know this to be true because I have experienced this in my life.

Yesterday marks a very special date in the history of the food category. Two members in our ward took us out to eat to try Gator Tail for the first time! It was fried gator tail. My thoughts before I saw
the gator tail were that I imagined the waitress was going to bring out a huge platter that contained an entire gator tail on it all cooked up, but she brought out a plate with something that looked like
chicken nuggets.

I was close right? Gator tail is chewy and delicious. People say that it tastes like chicken, but it tastes better than's Gator tail! It is delicious! I would recommend anyone
to eat gator tail. It's a must do. Check that off my list!

The General Women's broadcast that was on Saturday was phenomenal and I can't wait to be able to hold those talks in my hands and reread them over and over. And I seriously can't wait for General Conference this Saturday and Sunday! It's like Christmas for the missionaries.  Counting down the days when the Prophet and men called of God is going to speak to the entire world. It will be different watching conference at a completely different time than I'm used to. 12:00 and 4:00
sessions instead of 9:00 & 1:00 sessions. Welcome to eastern time zones!

I don't have access to a computer today but I will definitely post pictures next week I promise!

I love you all and continue to pray for you!

Love, Sister McCook
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