Thursday, May 15, 2014

Week 12 ~ May 13, 2014

Good news! I am staying in the Fleming Island 2nd ward for six more weeks with Sister Call! I am so grateful because I am loving the people here more and more and am seeing so much progress in the area. I have a feeling that I'm going to be serving in this area for a long time.

Snapping turtle

I can't believe I have completed the twelve week training program. It flew by. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer but I'm so glad we are still companions for another six weeks! Every week I see different creatures. This week I saw SO MANY frogs the size of dimes. They weren't even tadpoles still, they were mini frogs! They were cute though, I'm afraid to pick them up. There are also 100 lizards running around each front yard we walk past. I laugh about it every time.

We walked a lot this week! It was so nice, it wasn't too hot. I was planning on buying a water bottle on my next P-Day, but when we were knocking doors, this woman was not interested in what we had to say, but she offered to fill up Sister Call's water bottle. She didn't see that I had my plastic one due to where it was placed in my bag, but she went inside to fill hers up, and she came back out with two water bottles. This sweet woman gave me one of her nice water bottles. I could not express my gratitude enough. I know that the Light of Christ, which is given to everyone, influences all to do good and to be good.

Sister Call and I planned to knock doors on a specific street and I needed more Restoration pamphlets because we are encouraged to use pamphlets in our teaching. We teach using the pictures in the pamphlet, asking inspired questions and then teaching a principle. So
I grabbed Restoration pamphlets out of the back of the car quickly and we were on our way walking. It wasn't until I was about 100 feet away from the car that I looked at the two pamphlets I grabbed and they were both in Spanish. I was about to tell Sister Call that we need to walk back to exchange these pamphlets for English ones, but I decided to just put them in my bag and I said a quick prayer in my heart that I would be able to give a Spanish pamphlet to someone. During that increment of time, I wasn't able to give anyone a pamphlet. Later on in the evening, we were knocking on doors in the Orange Park South area and we came across this home. A man named Enselmo opened the door (he is from Mexico), we introduced ourselves and he asked me why my eyes were so wide. I began with telling him about the message centered on Jesus Christ we have to share and he was interested! We shared simple truths about the Restoration and we committed him to read from the Book of Mormon. I was able to leave him with the Spanish Restoration pamphlet. What a miracle! I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers and he knows the desires of our hearts. Although I was not able to give out a pamphlet earlier in the day, it all happened on The Lord's timing. He knew I was willing to hand out a Spanish pamphlet even though I know little about the language.  One way that I have found how to recognize God's hand in my life and in the work is remembering the things that I pray about. Not just going through the motions of praying just to say that I woke up and said my personal prayers this morning. I remember once being taught that "Our daily actions make our prayers sincere". I know that to be true. When I think about those things I prayed about and do my best each day, I can see His hand in my life.

Mothers Day was the best day ever! There were three wonderful talks given about the divine role of Mothers. Jackie made chocolate roses for every woman in the ward for Mothers Day. After two months of waiting, we now have a new Relief Society President. That was wonderful news for the ward, patiently waiting! Not only that there was a nice little thunderstorm. And to top it off, I got to speak to my family through Face Time! What a treat! Those 40 minutes were so golden, it was precious time but I'm so grateful for he technology we have to be able to do that!  My favorite scripture that reminds me of my mom: Alma 56:48 "We do not doubt our mothers knew it". Just like the stripling warriors, my mom
has taught me to walk in the ways of God. She knows best and I am forever grateful for her.

I love you all!

Sister McCook

I am standing next to my favorite flowers here in Florida,
they are called confederate jasmine. You can smell them from at least
20 feet away. They smell so good!

May 13 at 12:00 PM ~ The Jax West zone

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