Thursday, May 15, 2014

Week 11 ~ May 5, 2014


I think the most difficult part for me is how to begin a letter. All I can think of is Happy Cinco de Mayo! This upcoming week is the final week until transfers. My second transfer already!

Yesterday was the Fort Lauderdale Temple Dedication! There were three sessions and we went to the 12 p.m. session. It was such a neat experience. One I will never forget and such a privilege to be able to attend a temple dedication as a missionary. We sat next to some members in our ward. Lorain was one of the people we sat next to. She was baptized near the end of 2012 and she just received her temple recommend this past week. I was filled with joy to see the happiness that she has in her eyes. All she talks about is how excited she is to finally go to the temple. I love the temple! I love it because I feel closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It is a place where I know that I can feel joy, learn, and know that I can be with my family forever.

As I was talking about last week, my weekly application for this week was taking the lead in all planning and teaching situations. I had some great experiences with teaching members and investigators. There has been so many times this past week where we were at the right places that Heavenly Father needed us to be at just the right times.

On Tuesday, we had a dinner appointment with a family and afterwards, we felt like we needed to go see one of our investigators, Angel. She wasn't on our plans, but we decided to go see her. We didn't have any plans for what we were going to teach her, but I had an idea since I knew I was going to take the lead. When we walked into her home, she was so happy to see us. After a few minutes of catching up, she asked us to teach her the gospel. I felt strongly that we needed to read the Book of Mormon together and so we read 1 Nephi 1 together. After we finished, she told us how amazed she was that she could envision herself being there when all of this was happening. She is excited to read the Book of Mormon! Near the end as we were about to walk out the door, she told us that she always feels so good when we come, that she feels happy and blessed. We taught her that that is the Holy Ghost. I have a testimony that the spirit is the true converter.

Yesterday, we gave a church tour to a woman named Branda, whom we met that day! We went to her home and taught her and all she wanted to know was more, more, more! It was the most exciting thing! She requested that we take her to tour the church an hour after we met her, the spirit was so strong. I love seeing the joy that the gospel brings to others.

On Friday, there was a ward BBQ and activity. It was so much fun to be able to get to know the members more and them telling us about their experiences inviting their friends to this BBQ. It was wonderful! They are seeing the joys in becoming a part of member missionary work! In addition to this activity that Sister Call and I didn't know about was that they were going to play Human Foosball. They were all trying to get us to play and at first we were hesitant because we were in skirts! But we decided to play anyways and we all had a good laugh from playing together! 

There is so much joy that comes from serving the Lord full time. I have seen it throughout my mission and I can't wait to be a member missionary when I come home! I love working with the members and I can't wait to work with the missionaries when my time as a missionary ends. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ, I know that it is true, and I know that it brings happiness to anyone who tastes of it. 

I love all of you and continue to pray for you! You won't hear from me until Tuesday of next week due to transfers!

Love, Sister McCook

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