Monday, August 3, 2015

July 27, 2015 ~ Week 75

Dear family and friends...

Amelia and her family came to Church yesterday!  It was their third time coming and oh how we were all so impressed with their children.
  They were the most reverent children in sacrament meeting yesterday.  Fiona is Amelia's seven year old sister and she sat next to me yesterday.  She was very, very reverent, sitting with her legs crossed and watching the speakers so well.  I think it helped that we were in the third row and nobody was in front of us besides her own family so
there wasn't too much to look at but the speaker's themselves.  We had a great lesson with them yesterday night where we were able to read 7 verses out of Alma 24.  We made paper swords and talked about covenants we make.

I was really touched in the third hour of Church.  All of the adults and youth were combined in the Relief Society room (which made it ten degrees grateful!) and we received counsel about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and honoring it as the Lord's Day.  Much of this
teaching came from a video broadcast where many of the 12 Apostles taught the why and what of this commandment as well as what needs to change.  I really liked the emphasis on preparation and reverence.

1. Preparation for partaking of the sacrament meaning no more meetings before Church begins. One of the father's in our Ward set an example
 for preparing his children to take the sacrament by asking him "James, what are you going to learn at sacrament meeting today?"
2. Reverence. Elder Ballard, I believe it was him, said "Can we go for 1 hour and 10 minutes without eating food and playing/texting on our smart phones/iPads?"

He is very right.  I too in my past have fallen short of these things but in my mission as I have been disciplined with no candy hiding in my bag, and no desire to take out my iPad.  I have found that when I am giving my whole attention to the speakers, they say something that
undoubtedly was an answer to my prayer or something I didn't realize I needed to hear that day. So I have set goals for the future for how to abide by what the prophets have counseled us to do because I know what they teach comes directly for Heavenly Father.

We just found out this morning that we are preparing to give training in Mission Leadership Council on Wednesday.  It will be on how to do tradeoffs and I am super excited about that because when you have been on about 43 trade offs in your mission life time, you learn
a lot from so many other missionaries and how to do the work in those different ways!  So I will share insight from our training next week!

Sister Clay and I have been having a lot of miracles with finding through people that have already been found.  This past week actually one of my favorites comes from a tradeoff I was on with Sister McGregor.  We were knocking doors in the pouring rain and we came across this door and a young mom named Tiffany says come on in without any hesitation.  She had just moved there with her husband who is a member. We taught her the Restoration and she said that she wanted to be baptized so we will keep working with her and see how it goes.
Heavenly Father blesses us when we are out working hard in the rain!

Love, Sister McCook

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