Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 18, 2015 ~ Week 78

Dear family and friends.

God knows the hearts of His children.  I know this because at about
8:50 at night on Tuesday, I was a little frustrated.  We went to our
golden hour street and it was super dark with fenced in homes.  Sister Clay suggested that I turn to a random verse in the Book of Mormon to read.  I read in 3 Nephi 1 about the star showing in the sky being the sign of Christ's birth.  I felt immediate peace within me and said, let's go share this glorious message in the Book of Mormon.  We turned down Colville Street and saw a bright house.  This was the one because
it looked receiving.  A man came out and said he was not interested.  Right as we turned around, we saw this young man (his name is Ryan) about 50 feet away on his front porch about to go inside.  We called out to him and he said he's been wanting to learn about the Book of
Mormon.  It turns out this was a member's home that we hadn't even met yet.  His name is John and he said, "We’ve been wanting to call the Elder missionaries for weeks now but something kept telling me to just wait. We were actually just talking tonight about how we needed to get
them over here and then all of a sudden you just show up.”  We have taught him 3 lessons so far and he came to Church this past Sunday.

There is not enough time or profound words in the world to describe how amazing my mission has been.  Heavenly Father has been so good to me in every way possible.  The work of Jesus Christ is true; I finally have a sure testimony of missionary work.  The mission was SO MUCH FUN, hard, stressful, the best, phenomenal, everything I ever could have imagined.  But with all of those emotions, I would do the entire 18 months over again because I love serving my Savior full time.  And I will when I am elderly.  My life is changed, all who accepted to hear this message-their lives are changed, eternal friendships were made, unbreakable bonds.  All of my strongest friendships I made on my mission are because we connected through the restoration of Jesus Christ's gospel and loved sharing our testimonies.  These are the ones I will never lose contact with.  And that is what the gospel is all about.  To bring families together and live the gospel, joyfully.

Jacksonville, Florida has a special place in my heart forever.
Thank you for your prayers and fasting.

Signing off,
Sister McCook

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