Monday, August 10, 2015

August 3, 2015 ~ Week 76

Dear family & friends,

Can I just share how much I love Amelia's family?!  They are remarkable!  They brought a friend to Church yesterday and they enjoyed
it!  They read their scriptures everyday and are currently starting from the beginning and reading until the end.  I really appreciate the Whitehouse Ward for always being so willing to come to lessons with this family.  The members are lining up until the end of the month to come to a lesson with them.  It has made such a difference being able
to bring different members every time because everyone surrounds them at Church to say hello. So Amelia will be getting baptized on September 5th and her mom promised to send me pictures!!

Our training at MLC was a success as we talked about the how, why, and what of doing companion exchanges!  Sister Clay had the most incredible Book of Mormon insight in 3 Nephi 17 because we can apply everything the Savior teaches for how to conduct a trade off.  The Savior invited the people to ponder, ask, and prepare.  We apply that as we prayerfully ponder and study what the Sister missionary needs and how to implement their goal for the exchange. Jesus also asked inspired questions, promised blessings showered on them.  We enjoyed presenting this.

Sister Clay and I did much service this week and it was exactly what I needed.  It was very healing.  I've learned that some of the things I didn't prefer to do before I was a missionary, I LOVE to do now as a missionary.  One of those… was cleaning.  We spent two hours cleaning a
home that hadn't been cleaned in years.  I think we picked up 100 Pringles cans.  I love serving because as we do, it gives us an opportunity to really get to know a person at a personal level, as
every time we enter in a home to teach, we fulfill our purposes straight away.  Even the Savior got to know a lot about a person just from serving them.  We also helped move out a family into another Ward.  We were sad to lose them, but they will do great things in their new Ward.

I'm excited to be a member missionary forever!

Love, Sister McCook

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