Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 22 ~ July 21, 2014

Hello Family and Friends!

Happy Worldwide Indexing.

This week we had some wonderful experiences with the members that we are working with.

1. We read the Book of Mormon with Jackie. We started at the crowning event in the Book of Mormon which is when the resurrected Jesus Christ comes and visits the people ancient America's, who have been waiting for the Savior to come as the prophets had all testified that he would. I know that Jesus Christ came and visited the people in the ancient America's. And they did touch the nail prints in His hands and feet, and I know this because I have prayed for myself to know this. It is in 3 Nephi 11:7-17. This is one of my favorite parts in the Book of Mormon. After we finished reading together, Jackie said that these were her ancestors. Indeed they were part of her ancestry. She had an 'AHA' moment in the Book of Mormon. I enjoy seeing people have experiences in the Book of Mormon. It truly makes my heart happy.

2. We have been trying for the longest time to introduce family history to another woman named Faye we are teaching, but it just was never the right time. But this week, her visiting teacher, who is an expert on family history, came with us to help her get started. Faye always thought that she wouldn't be able to find any of her family online, but when she got signed up on, she was finding family members left and right. She was hooked on it. Family History is so neat. That was a blessing to be able to be a part of that.

3. We had dinner at another woman's home named Teresa, who we are also teaching. She told us she was going to have her two catholic friends there, whom we have seen before and gotten to know so we were excited to be with them again. We arrived at her home, and we saw seven plates on the table, not five. This member had invited two more friends. What a treat, these women were so funny it was so great to be able to get to know them. We had a great spiritual message all about gratitude. We talked about the story of Jesus and the 10 lepers found in Luke 17 and then talked a little bit about President Uchtdorf's talk all about gratitude. It was a nice message. 
I think all around, having gratitude towards everything at all times tends to bring the result of true joy in one's life. Not just having gratitude for the things that go right, but also the trials we face. They truly are blessings because it is a time for growing and learning and progressing. We aren't alone. We have the power of prayer. We can actually talk to our Heavenly Father. What a blessing. We have our Savior Jesus Christ at all times. 
This reminds me of a scripture I read the other day. 2 Nephi 26:25
"Come unto me all ye ends of the earth, buy milk and honey, without money and without price."
This verse talks about Jesus Christ and His Atonement. He already paid the price. His Atonement is free. We can access it at all times. Think of milk and honey- it is sweet and filling, as is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It is sweet and filling. It fills in all of the gaps of despair, regret, sorrow; and turns it into hope, relief, everlasting joy. I love how it is a gentle invite, "Come unto me."

Funny story about birds. We were driving and all of a sudden we see all of these cars stop in the middle of traffic for twelve geese that are wanting to cross the road. Two of them made a run for it, the others stayed behind and waited until it was all clear. They walked across the street instead of flying over it. I love the birds of Florida.

We are finally figuring out the bikes. Even the aspect of not being drenched once a day.
We are moving into our area next week! Happy Day.

I love all of you. Missions are the greatest! Florida is the best.

Love, Sister McCook

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