Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 13, 2015 ~ Week 73 (Week 7 Whitehouse Ward)

Dear Family & Friends,

I learned a lot about what it means to create vision and establish vision for the area we are working in right now.  As inspired by Sister Anderson, who is one of the Sister Training Leaders that I go on tradeoffs with, she wanted to focus on establishing a vision for her area and so I had the opportunity to make that my goal as well in order to help her.  I studied on this focus for two days and found some beautiful insight that really clicked for both her and me.  A vision is the ability to think and plan for the future with wisdom.  In this case, wisdom coming from God.  I studied two Visions that prophets had and are recorded in the scriptures.  The first is Lehi's Vision recorded in the Book of Mormon and the second is Joseph Smith's First Vision. 

Joseph Smith had established vision from the time he set a goal to receive an answer to his question of which Church to join.  His plans were to study out each Church and then ask God through prayer.  He was only expecting an answer to his prayer when indeed Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him not only giving him his answer, but later on called him to be the Prophet to bring back the fullness of Jesus Christ's gospel and Church that had been lost for hundreds of years.  Not only that but he received the responsibility to translate the Book of Mormon.  A young boy asking a simple question, looking for a simple answer, had his vision expanded much more than he expected after he saw God the Father and Jesus Christ.  Remarkable.

If you study 1 Nephi 8 you will see that the principles of establishing vision are similar to what Joseph Smith experienced.

Sister Anderson and I talked about trusting in the goals and plans that we have set and act in faith.  When we do that, our vision will be expanded because it is the implementation of those plans that make it an exercise of faith.

A neat miracle that we had yesterday during golden hour was that we were knocking doors and there was a hidden corner that we went down where there were 5 more houses.  We knocked on the first one and this man named John opened the door.  He wasn't open at first, but we shared a scripture with him and the Spirit testified to him because he completely changed.  He asked what the Book of Mormon was about and we told him and shared what it meant to us.  We then invited him to be baptized and after asking, he just stood there with his eyes glued on the Book of Mormon.  Scanning it for about 30 seconds of the longest silence, he looked up and said if he came to know if was true he would.  I know that he felt the power and worth of the Book of Mormon in those 30 seconds.  I had never seen that before.  We will be meeting with him on Friday.

As far as my new companion, Sister Clay is from Washington State and she has done a little bit of schooling at BYU Idaho.  She has been out on her mission for just under a year.  I have seen her grow in the mission since she has been 4 1/2 months out.  She works hard, and is determined to share her testimony of Jesus Christ wherever she goes.  It will be a great last transfer ending with her!

Love, Sister McCook

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