Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 8, 2015 ~ Week 68 ~ (Week 2 Whitehouse Ward)

Dear family & friends,

I cannot help but share an 
incredible experience that began 
when I was serving in Mandarin and continued on to serving here in my current area of the Whitehouse Ward.  There was a two week time period where Sister Kloepfer and I were finding people who were really searching for truth and wanted to learn more about the Book of Mormon.  But none of them lived within our area boundaries...NONE!  So we transferred them over to other missionaries--Hendricks, Whitehouse, Julington Creek, Mandarin 2nd, Arlington, the Young Single Adult Ward, everywhere.  We kept finding people to send to the Whitehouse Ward.  So many.  I even recall saying, "Sister Kloepfer, why are we finding so many people for the Whitehouse Ward?"

Funny enough, by the wisdom of Heavenly
 Father, I would be here in Whitehouse ready to work with the 5 people  that we found and were sent over here.  On Thursday we are going to teach Israel and his family who we met at the mail box in Mandarin, as well as we are going to teach Nikki the same day.  I still need to find Antwan and Marie, but they will be found!  I am so happy!!

I went on two tradeoffs this week and looking forward 
to 10 more throughout the rest of the transfer.

On Saturday, Sister Sandberg and I began the day with some service.  Pressure washing the outside 
of a member's home.  It was so fun!!  We set that pressure washer up with no help.  We then biked all the way over to Baldwin.  Dad if you check the map and 
begin at Oldplank and Jones all the way to Baldwin that is pretty much how far we biked.  We found a woman to teach for next Saturday named Tara.  She is looking for change in her life.

That is what stood out to me this week as I did missionary work. Accepting 
the restored gospel is all about making changes in life for the better, in order to follow Jesus Christ and live His teachings. That is called repentance.  Because of His forgiveness, mercy, and grace, we can be healed spiritually and be able to make the changes necessary in order to progress to walk in newness of life by being baptized.  The ability to repent and feel joy in doing so makes me
happy.  Many people back home used to ask me why I am so happy and what is it that makes me happy? 

The gospel is what makes me happy.  The Book of Mormon.  The knowledge I have that I know I can do anything with the Savior's help.  I love Him and I love bearing His name on my right shoulder.

Love, Sister McCook

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