Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 25, 2015 ~ Week 66 (Week 12 Mandarin 1st Ward)

Dear family & friends...

You won't believe it, because I can't either....but I am being transferred!  I have no idea where yet because the conference call is
tonight, but you will know next week.  Both Sister Kloefper and I are being transferred out of Mandarin and there will no longer be Sister Training Coordinators.  With the down sizing of missionaries coming in, especially Sisters, there is no need for Sister Training Coordinators any longer.  There will still be Sister Training Leaders though! So this transfer call is going to be one of the most shocking yet for the entire mission.  22 are going home and 14 are coming in I believe.

Actually, I just received a phone call from President Craig to serve as a Sister a Training Leader in Whitehouse Ward in the Jax West Zone.  What is neat about this is that I went to that area a couple times just for a day when I was a trainee over 14 months ago.  I also found out some of my responsibilities as well.  Not only will I be going on 7 trade offs with the Sisters in the Jax West, but Sister Sandberg and I will be training all of the new Sister Training Leaders in the zones plus going on trade offs with a set of them per transfer. Great changes and new opportunities.

It has been probably the best three months of my mission serving with my best friend Sister Kloepfer.  What made it the best was having fun in the work.  We didn't go a day without laughing and working hard.  Numerous times a week we would receive compliments of how wonderful it is to see two best friends doing missionary work together.  Yes, the members can tell if you get along with a companion or not.  We are the companionship who rejoices in miracles.  I appreciate the love that Sister Kloepfer has for the Book of Mormon.  She is bold and talks with everyone.

Yesterday was an enjoyable Sabbath Day as I focused on loving the Ward as much as possible since I knew this would be my last Sunday there.  They have no idea that we are leaving yet. Sister Kloepfer and I were standing at the front expecting two women that we found to show up.  The parking in the front was full so we ran around to the back.  When we got there, a returning member that we have been working with surprised us by coming to Church and it consciously coming on her own every week!  Not only that but as we got up to sing in the choir, Sister Kloepfer pointed out a family that we had found about a month ago, just showed up on their own! They were sitting in the back.  It was a father named Aelidon and his two daughters named Angel and Anieza. They stayed for all three hours and they did not want to leave.

During Sunday school, we studied faith in Jesus Christ.  We learned from reading the Gospel Principles book that faith is indeed not just simply a belief, but a principle of action and power.  It means that even if we cannot see the end results of something, that we still walk in paths we cannot see with the help of Jesus Christ.  Aelidon shared his recent story of when he was taking his family to the United States and basically starting over with everything.  He did not know what was going to happen nor the struggles along the way, but he knew that he wanted to give his family a better future and that gave him the fire for desire.  He acted in faith and now he was sitting here in Church.  During these times before leaving Albania, his friend gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon.  He read all the way up to Alma 55.  He loves the book of Alma.  And shared his testimony, "I know that it is true because I am filled with peace and it gives me faith in Jesus Christ."

I too can add my testimony of the Book of Mormon.  Sister Kloepfer and I have enjoyed finding people throughout our time together, using the Book of Mormon.  There is something special about the Book of Mormon.  It is a powerful witness of Jesus Christ and brings out a shining countenance to all who feast upon its words.  I love the Book of Mormon.  It changes me daily and the things I study are an answer to someone else's prayer or question everyday.  Read it and share it.

Love, Sister McCook

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