Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 20, 2015 ~ Week 48 (3rd week Arlington)

Week 3 Arlington

Dear Family & Friends,
This week was the best week ever!

Here is my favorite miracle of the week. We were over in this apartment complex on Saturday afternoon, we felt bad after leaving it because we didn't talk to this man who had a comb just stuck in his afro. We prayed and repented and I assured us both that God would place him in our path again because I have a testimony of that. Well, at about 7:30 at night we went back to the same apartment complex. We were trying all of our investigators from our teaching pool that live in this complex for follow up. They just weren't home. Sister Murray had told me of this Golden family who were dropped a few months back just because they wouldn't hold to an appointment even though they were interested. They just couldn't get out of my mind. We went to the car to try this family and all of a sudden the fire alarm sounds off in the apartment building we were going to. We tried the family and they weren't home. By this time, the alarm was still sounding off. We saw this man walking and called him over to us to ask him what was going on. His name is David and he said it was a false alarm. Well, it transitioned beautifully into us teaching the Restoration with this fire alarm still sounding off as loud as can be and ringing in our ears. Sure enough after we were talking about Joseph Smith, his brother comes walking up. It was the man with the comb in his afro! His name is Shawn and it actually is David's brother, he too listened in and is interested. How neat. Can we just reflect for a second how divine God's hand was in this? Shawn found us and we were also able to teach his brother David, whom we could not have met before earlier in the afternoon. I love miracles.

We had our special conference with Elder Neil L. Andersen in Lake City last Wednesday. It was similar to the one with Elder Christofferson. We shook his hand :) He thoroughly discussed Ether 12 about the principle of faith concerning our mission baptism goal. He left his blessing upon us and said that he will be here at the same time next year to celebrate this achieved goal with us. He also went into deeper detail and discussion about his General Conference talk that he gave in October, 'Joseph Smith'. Closed with a powerful testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was the fastest 3 hour meeting of my life.
"Faith is the spiritual power to see things that shouldn't happen, happen." There really is an unseen world (as Elder Andersen put it) who assists us daily in this work.
I admire Sister Andersen as she testified of the reality of her husband being an Apostle of the Lord and testified of D&C 1:38 coming to past today. My testimony of that strengthened. She is also a scriptorian. She is soft-spoken, but bold and powerful. I love her!
Of course, Elder Andersen added some humor. "We'll sleep when we're dead." As we were discussing the life of an ambassador of the Lord.
I'll close that with saying how amazed I was that I had so many questions that I didn't know I had, answered. God knows my heart and my yearnings.
He also mentioned that he visited Peru in Elder McCook's mission last year and he even told us a story of when he visited the Arizona Tucson mission last year. That was very special to me.
I had a personal revelatory experience in the Book of Mormon Mosiah 25:10-11
This is very interesting...when we "think of the immediate goodness of God", and His hand in every aspect of our lives, we can be filled with joy constantly. It's like what Elder Andersen said to us a few days ago..when we think negatively and down upon ourselves and fill our minds with awful hopelessness, we are "filled with pain and anguish".

It is a choice.

Love, Sister McCook

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