Thursday, September 4, 2014

September 1, 2014 ~ Week 28

Dear family and friends,
Happy Labor Day!

We are typing on the iPads today because the libraries are closed, so it might be a little short.

I watched the most inspiring talk this week given by Elder Bednar. It is called 'Share Goodness'. If I could attach the link, I absolutely would, but if you go on and type in the search bar 'Share Goodness', you will find his talk. It is about 45 minutes long. It is all about sharing the gospel on social media. He begins by sharing prophesies that are about the coming forth of technology and sharing the gospel on it, by Latter-Day prophets such as Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, David O. McKay, Spencer W. Kimball, and Gordon B. Hinckley.  These prophesies have come to pass. Elder Bednar gives six ways that we can share the gospel on social media. I wrote down a list so that I could give them to the youth as we taught them about this just

1. Share Mormon messages
2. Share photos
3. Testimony/quotes
4. a. Instagram----> follow ldschurch_
    b. Twitter---> follow Elder Holland, Elder Ballard, and Elder Bednar
    c. Facebook
5. Use hashtags and trends
6. Talk about the new church produced film that is coming in theaters on October 11 called 'Meet the Mormons'.

Elder Bednar quotes scriptures from Moses 7 and talks about all of us coming together to 'sweep the earth as with a flood'. All of our efforts to share the gospel online as members of the church, each of us as we accept Elder Bednar's invitation to try a little better, represent a drop of water each time we share. Thus causing a flood that will never recede.  This talk inspired me so much, I am extremely blessed to be a Facebook missionary and to invite everyone everywhere to hear the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Not only that, but to help everyone succeed in sharing the gospel online. Please watch this talk!

I gave a talk this past Sunday about the scriptures. I love the scriptures. Everything about the scriptures is so inspiring. They are literally an instruction book for our lives. They can only act as an instruction book if we seek guidance from them. We can receive direct revelation from Heavenly Father for our lives. The scriptures were written by the power of the Holy Ghost. The prophets were guided in everything that they wrote. That's why we can feel the Spirit when we read them, 'by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things.' I know that the scriptures are true.

I love all of you.
Make someone's day. #ShareGoodness

Love, Sister McCook

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