Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 9, 2014 ~ Week 42

Hello Family & Friends!!

So I am officially staying in the St. Augustine ward for the next six weeks with Sister Dixon and I am so very excited for that!  We are in such a blessed area and plus I get to still serve with my best friend!

We had some wonderful opportunities this week to serve, serve, and serve more.  It was the best thing ever.  With many teaching opportunities from it as well.  We were doing service for April, who recently just got baptized, and we began teaching her the first lesson again with a member and she ended up teaching us and the member the lesson and her experiences.  Anyone and everyone can be a missionary.

I just finished reading the Book of Mormon again on my mission for the second time.  As I took Moroni's challenge (Moroni 10:3-5) and prayed about the Book of Mormon and what I have been reading for the past 51/2 months.  I again received a powerful witness of the truth and
divinity of this Book.  I mentioned a long time ago that I was studying the Book of Mormon for the purpose of understanding God's love for me.  Words cannot describe how changed I am and the perspective that I have for God's love for me. I know that He loves me so much.  And because I know that, I know that He loves ALL of His children unconditionally.  As I was pondering on the last few verses of the Book of Mormon.  I thought last and for all, 'what does Heavenly Father want me to know
most about His love for me?'  Then it came to me....God loves me because He gave me His Son, Jesus Christ.  My love for Heavenly Father can be expressed most prominently by obeying His Son.  Using Christ's Atonement to be perfected in Him.  To help others know of His power from the Atonement and give them the opportunity to be perfected in Him.  This is my joy.

Not only that, but April and 
I decided to do a Book of Mormon challenge.  To read it all the way through by a certain date.  I had her pick the date.  It would be her first time reading it through cover to cover.  She picked January 31.  I am thrilled to do this 7 week read!  We began on Sunday.  April is actually helping me to achieve my mission goal of reading the Book of Mormon four times.

Sister Dixon and I had a unique opportunity to go to the St. Augustine lighthouse this past Wednesday with the youth of our ward.  We ended up meeting many members from other wards and challenging them to hand out 'He is the gift' cards to someone at the lighthouse by the end of the night.  They were all go-getters for doing it! It was such a neat experience.  Who doesn't love the Spirit of Christmas?  There are so many ways to share the gospel.  Christmas is one of the perfect times to share because almost everyone's thoughts are centered on the Savior.

He is the Gift.

Love, Sister McCook

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